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Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (OLETC)

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) established OLETC in 1995. The OLETC mission is to develop and deploy an active, broad based national program to assist in the commercialization of innovative technology for use by the law enforcement and corrections community. The primary objective is to bring research and private industry together to put affordable, market-driven technologies into the hands of law enforcement and corrections personnel.

OLETC actively solicits manufacturers to commercialize technologies based on requirements identified by the Department of Justice (DOJ), NIJ and its Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory Council as well as from law enforcement and corrections practitioners. Examples of technologies that OLETC has a high interest in commercializing include:

  • LIFELITETM - a dispatcher activated emergency locator light system that helps emergency personnel pinpoint the exact location of an emergency.

  • 3D Face-Identification System - the next generation face-identification technology designed for use by local, state and federal law enforcement organizations.
  • OLETC representatives have visited WTN to discuss collaboration in law enforcement technology commercialization. WTN helped OLETC identify possible areas where law enforcement technologies could be applied to Air Force requirements. WTN participated in OLETC's Annual Mock Prison Riot and Commercialization Planning Workshops for demonstrating new technology and helping manufacturers commercialize their technologies.

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