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WTN Partnership with Kentucky

The Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) is operated by Innovative Productivity, Inc. (IPI), for the US Navy. MTTC provides Kentucky companies with access to Air Force technologies and technical assistance through a memorandum of understanding with WTN. MTTC provides WTN a strong Kentucky presence.

To facilitate its technology transfer agenda, MTTC has formed partnerships with: the National Tooling and Machining Association, Associated Industries of Kentucky, Kentucky Technology Service, and state and regional economic development organizations. MTTC also has working agreements with: the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Purdue University, Oak Ridge Centers for Manufacturing Technology, the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Sciences, and the Edison Welding Institute to provide technical assistance and training for MTTC's small business customers. These partnerships also strengthen the WTN-Kentucky effort and provide increased opportunities for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to interact with business, academia, state and local organizations. MTTC also helps businesses and individual entrepreneurs discover ways to use, develop, and identify applications for new technologies.

MTTC works directly with the US Navy, the Marine Corps, and the US Army to assist these branches of the military with various technology problems. This provides AFRL with the opportunity to present Air Forces technologies to the other services, thereby leveraging the resources spent to develop those technologies and associated technical capabilities.

In addition to technology transfer, MTTC:

  • Conducts advanced technical skills training courses.
  • Implements Electronic Commerce technologies.
  • Consults on ISO 9000 standards, training, and implementation.
  • Trains Computer Repair and Network technicians.
  • Operates Benchwork Tech™, a computer repair learning factory.
  • Operates a computer recycling and distribution program.
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