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Commercialization consists of identifying AFRL technologies with the highest commercial potential. WTN performs a rigorous market assessment of the AFRL technology - including assessment of competing technologies, delineation of intellectual property issues, and assessment of manufacturing and other issues that may be barriers to commercialization. If the market assessment is favorable, WTN matches the AFRL technology with a business that can successfully develop, manufacture, and sell the products derived from the technology. WTN facilitates an agreement between AFRL and the company. WTN may also assist in funding business partners for the company to ensure a successful venture. Throughout the Commercialization process, WTN evaluates the effort to determine best practices and to examine leading-edge metrics that might have success-predictive potential. Technologies that are identified as having no immediate commercialization potential are tracked for future use as they mature. This allows WTN to successfully transfer developing technologies to the commercial sector more quickly and to find businesses that would be interested in applying AFRL technologies in their products and services.

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