What is NCIC?

The National Center for Industrial Competitiveness (NCIC) is a not for profit corporation whose mission is to promote economic growth in Ohio and the Great Lakes Region.

At NCIC, we:

Financial, technical and management support is provided to companies in the areas of:

What Should a Proposal Contain?

NCIC's proposal evaluation relies on a well developed Business Plan, Proposals must:

Submitters should provide a clear description of how the proposed effort will be implemented. Use of existing documents, such as a Business Plan, is encouraged.

How Are Proposals Evaluated?

The NCIC staff, assisted by subject matter experts, evaluates proposals against these criteria:

How Does Someone Apply?

The proposer's letter, signed confidentiality agreement and indemnity form must attach a check for a processing fee of $500 which is refundable for unsuccessful proposals. This fee is necessary to help defray the costs for developing contracts.

Award Decisions

Organizations receiving financial support will be requested to review and sign a standard funding agreement, modified as necessary to reflect the details of each specific proposal.

Proposal Submission

Proposals may be submitted at any time to:

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