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Abacus Technology Corporation

Adtech Systems Research, Inc.

Advanced Creations, Inc.

Advanced Digital, Inc.

All Systems Color, Inc.

American Led-gible

Applied Coatings, Inc.

Applied Sciences, Inc.

Architectural Identification, Inc.

AristoTechnics, Inc.

Artificial Horizons

Ashland Chemical Company

Aster, Inc.

ATR Coil Company, Inc.

Avery Dennison

Ball Corporation

BeamAlloy Corporation

BF Goodrich Avionic Systems

Biomet Inc.

Bio-Nucleonics, Inc.

BITEC Production Machining

Black Machining & Technology, Inc.

Black Technology Corporation

Boeing Company (The)

Boston Scientific Corporation

Business Technologies & Solutions, BTAS, Inc.


CDO Technologies, Inc.

Children’s Hospital Medical Ctr.

Comco Machinery, Inc.

Composite Technologies

Compu Town

CON/SPAN Bridge Systems

Continental Bridge

Cooper Energy Services

Dayton Polymeric Products

Dayton Reliable Tool & Mfg. Co.

DeLugo Technologies, L.L.C.

DePuy Inc.

Design Evolution 4, Inc.

Design Factory, Inc. (The)

DEsign, Imaging & CONtrol (DEICON)

Diesel-Tech EFC. Inc.

Digital Technology, Inc.

Divelbiss Corporation

Diversitech, Inc.

Echo Bridge, Inc.

Environmental Tectonics Corp.

Ergonomics, Inc.

Faraday Technology, Inc.

Fidelity Orthopedics, Inc.

Firefox Industries

Frontier Electronics, Inc.

Frontier Technology, Inc.

Gauge and Measurement

GE\Aircraft Engines

Gem City Engineering Company

Global Manufacturing Solutions

Hamilton Safe

Harris Instrument Corporation

Hess Advanced Technology, Inc.

Hillenbrand Ind.

Hybrid Plastics

Hyde Park Electronics

Industrial Fiberglass Specialties

Ingenium Corporation

Johnson Kinetics, Inc.

Kadon Corporation


Knight Controls, Inc.

Knowledge Base Engineering, Inc.

Lee Williams

Lockhart Group, Inc.

Main Corporation

Mayo Industrial Services

McCoy Avionics Corporation

Mead Corporation

Miami Valley Career Technology Center

Mind Tools, Inc.

Morning Pride Manufacturing Co.

MTL Systems, Inc.

National Composite Center Division

New Piper Aircraft, Inc. (The)

O.P. Resources Plus, Inc.

OneVision Corporation

Pacesetter Management Group

Parker Medical

Peerless Machinery Corporation

Performance Plastics, Ltd.

Point Source, Inc.

Precomp, Inc.

Process Development Corporation

Process Equipment Company

Production Control Units, Inc.

Progenics Corporation

Protobox LLC

Regi U.S., Inc.

Ribbon Technology Corporation

Robbins & Myers, Inc.

Ronald T. Dodge Company

Russ Ventures Group, Inc.

Select Tool and Die Corporation

Sheet Dynamics, Ltd.

SoBran, Incorporated

Spectra Precision Inc.

Spectrotech, Inc.

Superconductive Components, Inc.

Systran Federal Corporation

Taratec Corporation

Technology Assessment & Transfer, Inc.

Thermo-Tech Systems, Inc.

Tracewell Systems, Inc.

Triangle Tool Company, Inc.

UES, Inc.

U.S. Aeromotive, Inc.

UV Technology, Inc.

Universal Technology Corporation

VacuPanel, Inc.

Webcore Technologies, Inc.

Westbrook Mfg, Inc.

Wright State University Department of Orthopedics

Wyle Laboratories

Yoder Die Casting Company, Inc.

YSI, Incorporated

Zeolitics, Inc.

Zimmer, Inc.

Zybron, Inc.

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