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WTN-Indiana is a key program within the Indiana Business Modernization and Technology Corporation (BMT), and an important technology resource for Indiana companies. BMT is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation that has been assisting Indiana businesses to modernize and grow since 1982; via a number of direct programs which include full-business assessments, quality awareness, financial services, industry alliances, and technology transfer from local, regional and national sources. BMT has been involved with technology transfer with federal laboratories, working through GLITeC; and directly with Navy technical centers located in Indiana (NAWC & NSWC). Establishment of the WTN-Indiana node, within BMT, fosters the matching of Air Force technology resources to meet more needs of Indiana enterprises. WTN-Indiana works closely with BMT's other technology partners to match Indiana clients with the technology resources which best fit their particular situation and location.

WTN-Indiana proactively markets AF technology resources (primarily Wright & Armstrong Labs) to targeted companies in Indiana; via direct contacts, through BMT field agents, regional EDO's, trade associations, industry networking groups, conferences/seminars, and a state-wide electronic business network. Marketing efforts will be focused to enhance awareness of opportunities for applying leading-edge AF technologies to the design and development of new commercial products and processes.

WTN-Indiana also facilitates the transfer of AF technology resources to meet identified needs of Indiana businesses. This includes defining a company's specific technology needs; assessing their capability to implement the technology and bring it to market; evaluating potential benefits and economic impact; arranging contact with the appropriate laboratory and developing a sound working relationship; and coordinating other business resources/services that may be necessary to support a successful technology transfer.

For more information contact:

David Zeese
One North Capitol Avenue; Suite 925
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2242
Phone: (317) 635-3058
E-Mail: [email protected]

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