Institute of Advanced Manufacturing
Sciences, Inc.

1111 Edison Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45216

Point of Contact: Ms. Jamie Gherman Seavey
Phone: 513.948.2000 Fax: 513.948.2109


Historical Background: The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences, Inc. (IAMS) is a not-for-profit industrial assistance organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. IAMS was founded in 1982 as a joint enterprise between industry, government and the academic community. The Institute s Mission is to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers and related business by increasing productivity, improving business practices and accelerating the implementation of technology.

Named one of seven Thomas Edison Technology Centers in 1984, the Institute understands competitiveness and how an enhanced manufacturing base can positively impact the entire community.

Current Products & Services: IAMS engineers and manufacturing experts provide a variety of services for industry. The Institute s expertise is centered in four key areas:

At our state-of-the-art research facility, experienced staff members offer manufacturing direct on-site engineering services, applied research, training programs and process demonstrations.

Our standard services include:

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