Edison Polymer Innovation Corporation (EPIC)

Located in the Akron/Cleveland industrial corridor known as 'Polymer Valley', the Edison Polymer Innovation Corporation (EPIC) is a member-driven organization which provides technical resources to help polymer-related companies grow and prosper.

Drawing on the complementary facilities and expertise of two of the world's leading polymer research institutions, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Akron, EPIC sponsors polymer research with strong commercial potential for the benefit of it's 70-plus industrial members. In so doing, EPIC has established a polymer research portfolio with an investment value of more than $10 million, which is growing at a rate in excess of $1 million per year.

With 16 patents granted and 12 patents pending, EPIC has licensed three technologies to four member companies and has established two mini- consortiums with the EPIC membership to take technologies forward to commercialization.

Current EPIC research focuses on composites, blends and alloys, coatings and adhesives, rubber and elastomers, new materials and processing.

EPIC enhances the application development capabilities of its academic partners to benefit member companies through these resources.

The EPIC Mini-Pilot Polymerization Plant is used by members to prepare pound quantities of new materials to take testing beyond bench scale.

The EPIC-M.A. Hanna Blending and Compounding Center utilizes production equipment to evaluate process variables for improved blends and alloys and produces batch quantities of prototype materials.

The EPIC Applied Research Laboratory provides testing and analytical services to solve short-term problems for both small and large companies.

Additional liaison, consulting and technical service.

EPIC membership is comprised of technology intensive companies from throughout the world as well as regionally based emerging businesses that draw on the technical resources of EPIC, its academic partners and member companies.

For more information contact:

Edison Polymer Innovation Corporation (EPIC)
10235 Brecksville Road, Suite 100
Brecksville, OH 44141

Telephone: (216) 838-5015 The Epic Home Page Back button

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