Edison Materials Technology Center (EMTEC)

High quality materials and processing methods are critical to the performance of all engineered products, from traditional industries to exotic aerospace applications. Materials, including metals, ceramics, plastics and composites, are attaining even greater importance in todays highly competitive global marketplace. Yet the cost of research and development, essential to maintaining the competitive edge, can be prohibitive to many industrial firms.

The Edison Materials Technology Center (EMTEC) is responding to these needs with solutions to industry's problems through special services, application of existing technology and advanced technology development projects in industrial material and materials processing. Using the combined strengths of the Center's industry, academic and federal laboratory members, projects are underway to:

Progress in each of these areas will improve existing products while offering the potential to create entirely new manufacturing industries and product lines.

EMTEC assists industry with both short-term problem solving and longer-term technology development projects. The Center's Requests for Help program provides solutions to a company's most critical 'short-fuse' problems for little or no cost and as often as required.

Longer-term core technology development projects are defined and coordinated by member organizations to ensure that industry's most pressing problems are addressed with the best talent, equipment and facilities available. The results of these projects, one to three years in length, are available to all EMTEC members who are then free to commercialize the technology or apply the finding to their individual needs. Member companies may also sponsor proprietary research to meet company-specific needs.

What does all this mean to an industrial member of EMTEC?
A more profitable future for your company by taking advantage of the latest breakthroughs in materials and materials processing technology Less risk in adapting new technologies to your operations because the entire consortium is standing behind you should and unexpected problem arise.
Not using your company funds to solve problems which have already been solved.

For more information contact:

Edison Materials Technology Center
3171 Research Boulevard
Kettering, Ohio 45420

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