Edison Industrial Systems Center (EISC)

Through its partnerships with area industry, universities and economic development agencies, the Edison Industrial Systems Center (EISC) has quickly become the focus for technology advancement in Northwest Ohio.

The Center provides the mechanism for a growing number of small, medium and large companies to pool their budgets to address common manufacturing issues including:

Driven by the needs of area industry, EISC has responded with technology development, transfer and deployment activities in:

The Center has developed a machine vision program utilizing low-cost, PC-based, off-the-shelf hardware and easy-to-program software to conduct non-contact dimensional measurement and pattern recognition for in-line 100% inspection or SPC applications.

As the operator of the nation's only high speed, three-dimensional CAT Scan machine for industrial applications, EISC is a leader in non-destructive evaluation technology.

Through its 'Geometry Shop,' EISC offers broad support to suppliers required to use computerized geometric data in meeting exacting customer specifications. Services include a CAD/CAM Resource Center, the Center for Quality, Measurement and Automation, technical assistance in geometric data translation, on-line tool and die standard parts repository and rapid prototyping.

EISC's Applied Coatings Lab helps companies meet stringent environmental regulations by conducting trial runs of new methods to apply coatings to products and by establishing equipment specifications or developing parameters for specific coating procedures.

EISC also supports food processors in the areas of materials handling, plant layout, machinery design, process monitoring and quality control assessment.

Member organizations can use the full services offered by the Center while non-member contract for specific projects. In bringing together a variety of resources to serve area industry, EISC has formed strategic alliances with the Ohio's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Regional Technology Assistance Program and the Federal Laboratory Consortium.

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Edison Industrial Systems Center
1700 North Westwood Avenue, Suite 2286
Toledo, Ohio 43607-1207
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