The Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute


The Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute (DAGSI) is a unique partnership between the University of Dayton, a private institution; Wright State University, a state-supported institution; and the Air Force Institute of Technology, a federal institution. Its primary long-term goal is to become a world-class graduate and post-graduate research institute, ranking among the top of such institutions in the United States. DAGSI coordinates, integrates, and leverages the formidable resources of the partnership-including the combined faculty, facilities, equipment, and other supporting elements of all three institutions. The benefits of this partnership are exceptional for all involved, and especially for the DAGSI graduate students.

The requirement for DAGSI primarily relates to the need for enhanced economic development in the region, particularly in the aerospace, automotive and related high-technology industrial sectors. We believe that an environment conducive to substantial economic development can be achieved by improving and expanding regional educational and research opportunities at the masters and doctoral level of engineering and computer science. With this goal, the three partnership institutions have combined the resources of their schools of engineering to form DAGSI. The added strength and leverage of this union are further illustrated by the following:

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