Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program

Founded in 1984, the Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program (CAMP) has a basic and clearcut objective: to help manufacturers become more competitive by applying appropriate new developments in technology, training and manufacturing methods to their own operations. Many firms served by CAMP have strengthened their core businesses and expanded into new product areas and markets while increasing their sales volume and profitability.

CAMP services industry with a broad-based program utilizing several exceptional resources. In 1989, CAMP became one of three initial NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Manufacturing Technology Centers in the U. S. This provides CAMP with significant financial support and technical resources.

Under this partnership with NIST, the Great Lakes Manufacturing Technology Center was established as a CAMP division. Utilizing an in-house staff of experienced engineers, this Center brings a team approach to the needs of small-and mid-sized manufacturing firms. Its capabilities also include the 11,000-square-foot Manufacturing Resource Facility, which supports technology demonstrations, education and training, and specific project work. The MRF features incremental improvement from simple upgrading processes to a fully automated robotic CIM cell.

CAMP delivers services through five Centers based at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College. Through these affiliates-the Advanced Manufacturing Center, Center for Automation and Intelligent Systems Research, Edison Sensor Technology Center, Unified Technologies Center, and the Great Lakes Manufacturing Technology Center-CAMP assists industry in the following areas:

CAMP program of activities also includes forums and educational events, a technology newsletter, a hotline and a membership program.

Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program
Prospect Park Building
4600 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103-4314
(216) 432-5300
(216) 361-2900 Fax

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