Advanced Integrated Manufacturing (AIM) Center

The Advanced Integrated Manufacturing (AIM) Center located at Sinclair Community College (SCC) in Dayton, Ohio is a responsive customer-service-driven resource that offers a range of interdisciplinary services to help companies enhance competitiveness. Its services, offered to everyone from students to businesses and government, include: access to and support of a full spectrum of educational programs, including training seminars, certificate programs, and associate bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees; research; development; and production support, including the showcasing of customer products, production runs, prototyping, and disaster recovery.

A primary objective of the AIM Center is to work through industry, industry associations, the University of Dayton (UD), and SCC to help manufacturing enterprises improve productivity and competitiveness by providing cost effective, timely educational programs and consulting services. The AIM Center will create partnerships with leading-edge manufacturing enterprises. Using this equipment, the AIM Center staff consisting of representatives from industry, UD, and SCC, hopes to create a forum which demonstrates the Center's capabilities to government, industry, and community leaders and, thus, initiates research, development, and technology transfer programs that will create new jobs and stimulate economic development.

WTN and the AIM Center work together on a variety of projects. One project is the development of a Wright Patterson Air Force Base public display in the basement of Bldg. 13 of SCC which is where the AIM Center is located. The AIM Center has been instrumental in setting up the logistics of the display room and providing the support which WTN needs to accomplish this project.

You can contact the AIM Center at (937) 512-5357.

Their website can be found at

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