Speech Recognition System

speechrec.jpg (32425 bytes)Problem: There is a need for a speech recognition system that is a potential enhancement to the pilot-vehicle interface. It is also a candidate for use with virtually any computerized system requiring a human speech interface, including telerobotics for handling of hazardous materials, and allowing the physically handicapped to use a computer. Smiths Industries Aerospace needed Air Force Research Laboratory Air Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/VA) help to evaluate performance strengths and weaknesses together with recommendations for improvement.

AFRL/VA scientists created software to evaluate speech recognition systems for the USAF. Smiths Industries Aerospace wanted to apply this technology to the aviation industry. The company expects to increase Research and Development (R&D) knowledge, to foster commercial sources for future military application, to participate in a commercial strategy which complements potential USAF research goals, and to provide insight into manufacturing areas deemed important to USAF acquisitions.


  • The Speech Recognition System has dual-use potential as an operational system.
  • The technology has additional market opportunity in the automobile, railway, naval transportation industries as well as medical, law enforcement, and security.
  • This system is potentially applicable to both military and civil aircraft.
  • Smiths Industries Aerospace will benefit by the use of this system in its existing business, as well as allowing expansion into related commercial markets, which will enhance Smiths proprietary product line and profitability.

Current Status:

  • The Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is complete.
  • Smiths expects to use this speech recognition technology in the new European Fighter Aircraft (EFA).
If you have any questions about this Cooperative Research and Development Agreement or are interested in getting more information about technology transfer and CRADA projects, please contact Jim Singer at Wright Technology Network (937) 253-0217 or CRADA@wtn.org

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