Fatigue and Fracture Testing

Problem: The Air Force Research Laboratory's Air Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/VA) has unique and extensive fatigue and fracture testing facilities and equipment for supporting its mission. The fluctuations in workload requiring utilization of these facilities and equipment for mission specific activities, permit the interim use of the facilities and equipment for use in research and development activities in accordance with AFRL's responsibility for promoting domestic technology transfer and utilization of its science and technology resources. AdTech Systems Research, Inc., is a local company with fatigue and fracture expertise but limited test facilities.

fatigue.jpg (35286 bytes)Solution: Wright Technology Network (WTN) facilitated a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) that satisfies the needs of both parties. This CRADA established a mechanism for AdTech to use the AFRL/VA fatigue and fracture testing facilities on a non-interference basis. Under this CRADA, AdTech will share valuable test data with the Air Force or make pre-established payments to AFRL/VA for use of the facility.


  • AdTech Systems, Inc. will benefit from the development and use of new capabilities and knowledge for further research in the development of advanced structural component designs and in the performance of test and evaluation.
  • AdTech will benefit from test and evaluation data regarding compression, tensile strength, and torsion at various temperatures and other environmental conditions in the development of models and corresponding software.
  • The new knowledge from this research will improve product quality, and structural component performance.
  • AFRL/VA will benefit by the development and use of new capabilities and knowledge for further military research and use in military fatigue and fracture testing of structural components. For example; fatigue test data, which is necessary to model crack growth, is expensive and time-consuming to obtain.
  • AFRL/VA will also benefit by gaining access to newly generated structural design concepts that are not normally tested under military sponsored programs, and by having a means to assist U.S. industry while receiving compensation for use of its facilities and personnel.
  • Compensation to the AFRL/VA will include: (1) reimbursements from AdTech for use of their Fatigue and Fracture Test Facility at the rates specified in the CRADA; (2) royalties from patents and copyrights made under the CRADA; and (3) a share in income from the sale or lease of other technology developed by AdTech under this CRADA.

Current Status:

  • This is a relatively new CRADA.
If you have any questions about this Cooperative Research and Development Agreement or are interested in getting more information about technology transfer and CRADA projects, please contact Jim Singer at Wright Technology Network (937) 253-0217 or CRADA@wtn.org

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