Development of Small, Environmentally-safe, Parts Washing Systems

Problem: Process Development Corporation, located in Dayton, Ohio, is developing parts washing equipment which utilizes aqueous cleaning formulations. Parts cleaning operations formerly in widespread use utilized organic solvents which were hazardous to workers and were costly to dispose of in an environmentally safe manner. Parts washing equipment is needed in the manufacturing industry to remove oily residues from newly-machined parts. Process Development Corp.’s parts washing equipment utilizes not only environmentally safe technology, but also appropriately-sized equipment, so that it can be dedicated to a specific process in the plant. Thus each manufacturing plant would potentially utilize several parts cleaning systems, each dedicated to a specific process. This approach is very compatible with ISO 9000 approved procedures.  Assistance is needed to locate technology which can be utilized by Process Development to accelerate their entry into parts washing market.  New parts washing technologies, including water treatment technologies which permit recycling of process water, are needed.  Assistance in identifying potential clients is also needed.

Solution: WTN facilitated meetings between personnel in the EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL), EPA's Office of Science Policy, and Process Development Corporation.  These meetings focused on a newly patented EPA technology and associated full-scale equipment which include closed-loop water-treatment equipment.  In October 1998, EPA granted a license to PDC and signed an agreement giving PDC sole possession of full-scale parts washing equipment.


  • Process Development estimates the market for environmentally safe parts washing equipment which is compact, self-contained and thereby suitable for dedication to a specific manufacturing process amounts to millions of dollars.  The company feels that it can gain a significant share of the market and thereby increase its revenues markedly.
  • Environmentally-safe parts washing equipment has the potential to make a very significant impact on industry due to reductions in costs of chemicals used in the cleaning process, reductions in handling costs, and marked reductions in costs for disposal of process wastes.
  • The potential benefits of this new technology to human health and the environment are very significant.

Current Status:

  • WTN is continuing to assist Process Development by gathering information and making efforts to locate government-developed technology which can be utilized.
  • WTN is also seeking to assist Process Development to penetrate the environmental market and in addition to that located additional clients in the industrial market.
If you have any questions about this Technical Assistance Project or are interested in getting more information about Wright Technology Network and technology transfer, please contact Jim Singer (937) 253-0217 or crada@wtn.org.

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