Demonstration Of High Temperature Valve

hightemp.jpg (21620 bytes)Problem: AdTech has a program with the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/ML) to fabricate titanium aluminide intake and exhaust valves for internal combustion engines. The objective is to demonstrate the usefulness of a material that has undergone extensive development by the Air Force. The approach chosen for the demonstration was to fabricate a valve using a design from a high performance racing engine. Due to the valves' lighter weight, the engine can be operated at higher RPMs without the valves "floating". Additionally, this valve will allow the engine to operate at a higher engine exhaust temperature and thereby improve its performance. AdTech was finding it difficult to locate a test bed.

Solution: Wright Technology Network (WTN) located a company that specializes in upgrading Corvette engines for racing. That company has the dynamometers and associated test equipment to perform a quantitative test. WTN contacted the company and arranged a contact with AdTech. The company has agreed to a test program.


  • The short term benefit is that AdTech and the Air Force will get application information that could be obtained no other way.
  • The longer term benefit could be a conduit for getting the valves used in commercial engines.
  • The automotive industry often relies on the racing community to test new technology.

Current Status:

  • Valves are being fabricated and will be sent to the engine test facility in the near future.
If you have any questions about this Technical Assistance Project or are interested in getting more information about Wright Technology Network and technology transfer, please contact Jim Singer (937) 253-0217 or crada@wtn.org.

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