Establishing ARA Coating, Inc. as a Company

Problem: There is a need at the Air Force Research Laboratory to electrolytically coat aluminum parts. Therefore, the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate of AFRL contacted Wright Technology Network (WTN) for assistance establishing ARA Coating, Inc. as a business to electrolytically coat aluminum parts using a new patented process wear coating. The inventors developed a new ceramic coating process for aluminum that delivers extreme hardness, excellent adhesion --and produces no hazardous waste -- at a cost comparable to anodizing.

Solution: WTN requested support from the Southern Area Manufacturing-Small Business Development Center (SAM/SBDC) that specializes in this area. The individual supporting this request is currently working for the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences (IAMS) which is a not-for-profit organization for manufacturers, offering respected, solution-focused implementation of change in manufacturing operations.


  • AFRL has a need for this technology.

Current Status:

  • WTN continues to monitor the progress of ARA Coating, Inc.
  • The status of IAMS involvement on this project is documented on their homepage at www.iams.org/news/arainnov.htm.
If you have any questions about this Technical Assistance Project or are interested in getting more information about Wright Technology Network and technology transfer, please contact Jim Singer (937) 253-0217 or crada@wtn.org.

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