Transportation for Human Services Agency

Problem: The Green County Coordinated Agency Transportation System, Inc. (GREENE CATS) requested WTN indentify participants in the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) interested in using technology to coordinate transportation services for various social services agencies.

Solution: WTN contacted the technology transfer focal points in the AFRL Sensors and Human Effectivness Directorates to determine if either directorate had technologies which could be helpful to the GREENE CATS problem.  The Sensors Directorate identified several navigation and communications technologies which could prove beneficial as well as a senior engineer to serve as a liaison between the Directorate and GREENE CATS.  Also, through the participation of WTN in the Intelligent Transportation Society of Ohio (in support of the Ohio Department of Transportation and the AFRL Automotive Outreach Area), WTN was able to identify a new communication system installed by the Cincinnati Metro System which appears to satisfy many of the GREENE CATS requirements.


GREENE CATS has been provided contacts for accessing the very latest AFRL technology as well as at least one operational transportation system (Cincinnati Metro) with valuable examples of "lessons learned".  Examples of AFRL technologies which may apply include:

  • GPS/navigation technologies - to keep track of transportation vehicle location.
  • Information/database/integration technologies - to keep track of those needing transportation and their special (medical/physical, etc.) needs relative to care during transportation.
  • Communications technology - to communicate between vehicles, control center, and travelers.

Current Status:

GREENE CATS has recently secured funding for their project and plan to initiate a preliminary study shortly after the first of the year.

If you have any questions about this Technical Assistance Project or are interested in getting more information about Wright Technology Network and technology transfer, please contact Jim Singer (937) 253-0217 or crada@wtn.org.

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