Webcore Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Address:

591 Congress Park Drive
Dayton, OH 45459
Point of Contact: Dan Hutcheson

Rob Banerjee
Vice President
(937) 435-5034
fax: (937) 435-7034
email: rbwebcore@aol.com (Rob Banerjee)


Products and Services:

Fiberglass and advanced composite sandwich cores, preforms and panels.

Business Overview or History:

Webcore Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1991. Webcore Technologies pioneered the development of fiber reinforced foam (FRF) cores for Low-Cost structural sandwich panels. Webcore has been primarily involved in the development of FRF cores and related manufacturing equipment. Webcore currently has two commercial products in the market, which are manufactured by its licensee, Elliott Corp. in Indianapolis. Webcore is in the process of establishing its own manufacturing plant in Dayton to produce its next generation of products. Webcore’s products are used in transportation, marine, construction, industrial and aerospace markets.

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