UV Technology, Inc.

Corporate Address:

7188 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45244
Point of Contact: Mark Tausch
(513) 271-2777
fax: (513) 271-1191
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Products and Services:

Manufacturer of ultraviolet Curing Systems and an Aftermarket replacement lamp service.

Business Overview or History:

Since its inception in 1992, UV Technology, Inc. has established itself as a worldwide leading manufacturer of technologically advanced UV curing systems. UVT’s mission if focused on providing customer driven high quality, leading edge products and systems coupled with peerless service excellence.

UVT is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its 60,000 square foot facility is fully staffed, including engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service. UVT, also, provides customers an "Aftermarket Program: for replacement lamps and other supplies."

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