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4401 Dayton-Xenia Road
Dayton, OH 45432-1894
Point of Contact: Krishan K. Joshi
(937) 426-6900
fax: (937) 429-5413
email: ddonley@ues.com
homepage: http://www.ues.com



Materials and Processing Research: Over 2 0 years of R&D has been directed at the development of various intermetallics, ceramics, composites and other advanced materials for high temperature applications such as jet engine materials. UES investigators arc determining the processing conditions required to achieve various microstructures and mechanical properties in advanced aerospace materials, They are implementing and using analytical models for process design. Analytical models are validated by physical modeling in a processing facility, The primary emphasis has been on metal matrix composites and high temperature materials used in advanced engines and structural materials. UES also has a fully equipped laboratory for analysis and production of advanced coatings, surface modification of semiconductor devices and well resistant materials by ion implantation.

Engineering Services: Over the past 2O years UES has performed on over 85 contracts involving OPERATION, MAINTENANCE and UPGRADING OF CUSTOMER LABORATORY FACILITIES, with a total value of $90 million. Customer facilities at WPAFB currently operated or supported by UES include:

  • Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate: Microstructural Characterization Facility; Heat Treatment and Hot Pressing Facilities; Mechanical Testing Facilities; Experimental Materials Processing Facility
  • Air Force Research Laboratory Propulsion Directorate: Lubrication
  • Systems Performance Evaluation Facility; Thermal Management Research Laboratory; Plasma Surface Treatment Laboratory; Compressor Research Facility (with others)
  • Air Force Research Laboratory Air Vehicles Directorate: Thermal and Vibration Laboratory
  • US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory: Electro-Optical Display Laboratory

Human Performance: UES specialists help improve all aspects of human performance in complex systems, including: systems analysis, ergonomic design of equipment for effective use and maintenance by people; selection and evaluation of personnel; job/task and training analysis; simulation; interactive courseware management; safety; and forensic human factors. UES provides practical tools, such as LiftLimitTm for checking compliance with federal safety standards.

Surface Modification: UES provides custom coated parts and tools by high energy ion implantation and vapor deposition processes. These provide unique properties such as hardness, durability or solid lubrication. UES experts also work with manufacturers to prototype and establish production capabilities.


UES has invested nearly all of its profits over the past 20 years into creation and commercialization of products for both government and industry. We pride ourselves in being a TECHNOLOGY CREATION AND TRANSFER COMPANY.

UES scientists and engineers have developed several state-of-the-art software products for the metal-forming industry to produce defect-free metal products.

  • ProCASTTM - a casting simulation tool system for all material flow processes governed by fluid flow, heat flow, and phase transformations.
  • ANTARESTM - a material working simulation system for all material flow processes governed by plastic flow, heat flow, and phase transformations.

In January 1998, these products were "spun-off" from UES and formed UES Software, Inc., a new software products company.

UES computer scientists have also developed a knowledge integration tool:

  • KI-ShellTM - a streamlining workflow process management tool which integrates application software and databases to reduce process cycle time, shorten task duration’s, and improve coordination to support collaborative processes in finance, manufacturing, software engineering, and product/process design.

This software technology was sold to a software products company for incorporation in their "suite" of products.

Business Overview or History:

UES is a research, development and technology transfer company. It employs approximately 125 people, including over 40 Ph.D. scientists, engineers and analysts who are very prominent in their technical fields, which include materials science; metallurgy; processing science; physics and experimental, neuro, and cognitive psychology. The mission of UES is to provide highest quality research and development services to Government and Industry and Transition Technology to applications within the private sector.

Subsidiaries of UES:

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