Triangle Tool Company, Inc.

Corporate Address: 3 N. Ridge Ave.
Troy, OH 45373
Point of Contact: Paul Lucas
(937) 335-0811
fax: (937) 339-8127

Products and Services:

Technical expertise in the machining industry:

Business Overview or History:

Triangle Tool, founded in 1995, is in the business of fabricating and building parts based on blueprints provided by the customer or developed internally. Triangle Tool prides itself on providing a complete and superior service through the employment of experienced professionals. Triangle Tool delivers high quality products machined with exceptional attention to technical detail. Triangle Tool caters to corporations and government entities that have a machining need but due to prohibitive costs and lack of expertise cannot fulfill the need "in-house". The President of Triangle Tool has more than twenty years of experience in the business of machining and design. He carries a Journeyman’s card, is a certified Tool and Die Operator, and is a trained Jet Engine Mechanic.

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