Technology Assessment & Transfer, Inc.

Corporate Address:

133 Defense Hwy., Ste. 212
Annapolis, MD 21401
Point of Contact: Dr. Larry Fehrenbacher
(410) 224-3710
fax: (410) 224-4678

Products and Services:

Technology Assessment and Transfer, Inc. (TA&T) specializes in the development of advanced materials and innovative fabrication processes for a variety of defense, biomedical and industrial applications. TA&T’s areas of interest are: magnetron sputtered thin film coatings, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coatings, chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) of fiber reinforced ceramic composites, powder processing of monolithic and composite ceramics, rapid prototyping of structural ceramics and metals, specialty nanoscale carbide powders and intelligent process control of advanced materials fabrication processes.

 Detailed description of current products and services:

Wear Resistant Coatings: NanocoatTM multilayer sputtered coatings provide superior war, erosion and corrosion resistant, low friction coatings for metals, ceramics and plastics. Applications include cutting tools, paint nozzles, fasteners, biological implant components, and industrial wear parts.

Rapid Prototyping Services: Stereolithography services are offered for highly accurate prototyping and rapid tooling. SLA 250 machine builds clear epoxy prototypes directly from CAD representation of a component. Epoxy models and tools are used in secondary processes to create plastic (urethane, ABS, nylon, etc.), ceramic (alumina), and metal (stainless steel) parts by injection molding. Direct prototyping in ceramic (alumina, silica, silicon nitride) is also offered for low volume fabrication of ceramics parts and tooling (i.e. investment casting cores).

CVD/CVI: production of refractory metal and ceramic coatings (including graded coatings) and fiber reinforced ceramic and metal matrix composites. Materials capabilities include: C, SiC, HfC, TaC, Re, Ir, Nb, W and others. Applications include rocket thrusters, high performance engine exhaust manifolds, combustors, and other hot zone component, heat exchangers, X-ray targets, paint stripping nozzles, and specialty powder coating.

Nanoscale Carbide Powders: nanoscale (20 nm - 200 nm) high purity carbide powders are available at a low cost thru TA&T’s economic nanoscale powder production process. Narrow particle size distributions are achieved. Materials capability includes SiC, ZrC, HfC, TaC and others.

Business Overview or History:

TA&T was established in 1981 as a Government Funded Research Organization. Since that time, the company has grown to 22 full-time employees and now focuses on commercializing new ceramic and tribological materials and processes for a wide variety of product applications. TA&T has initiated the development of these technologies through Government support, principally through the SBIR and STTR programs. The transition into commercial product applications has been occurring through the establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries such as Ceramic Composites, Inc., joint ventures or alliances w end users. In addition, TA&T has provided management and consulting services for the DARPA Advanced Ceramic Technology Insertion Program (ACTIP) since its inception.

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