Taratec Corporation

Corporate Address:

929 Harrison Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215
Point of Contact: Eileen Mauro
(614) 291-2229
fax: (614) 291-2867
email: emauro@tarateccorp.com

Products and Services:

Taratec provides consulting, project management and venture development services to clients looking to bring new technologies to market as well as those looking for defense conversion strategies.

Business Overview or History:

Taratec Corporation, a Columbus-based contract services and consulting firm, was established in 1986 to provide strategic planning services and to assist its clients in bringing new technology to market. Taratec has come to be recognized as an organization that specializes in diversification planning, technology commercialization, defense conversion, and corporate strategic planning, within the US and internationally.

With the recent acquisition of the public policy strategy firm of Celeste & Sabety, the unique blend of high-level talents present in both organizations, offers clients professional support through market research, public policy leadership, strategy, economic development and implementation.

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