Systran Federal Corp.

Corporate Address:

4126 Linden Avenue
Dayton, OH 45432-3068
Point of Contact: George Valentino, V.P. & Program Manger
Nagu Nagarajan, V.P. & Program Manger

Ken Baker, President & COO

Lynn Trainor, CEO

(937) 252-5601


Products and Services:

Systran Federal Corp. operates with two Divisions. Both are headquartered in Dayton.

The Technical Services Division conducts prime contracts with customers at Wright-Patterson AFB, and also offers subcontracting services to other government prime contractors. This Division offers a wide range of technical support services, covering such disciplines as electronics, software, material sciences, avionics, and manufacturing technology.

The Technology Transfer Division conducts prime contracts with customers throughout the government, and also offers subcontract support to other prime contractors. This Division focuses entirely on the transition of technology form government research labs to a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product status. The primary focus of this Division is with SBIR, STTR, and similar "transition oriented" contracts. This unit contracts with a broad array of government agencies throughout the US.

Business Overview or History:

Systran Corporation was founded in 1977 as a government service provider. In the mid-1980s, Systran diversified by starting a "products division" to develop, manufacture and sell high-tech electronic products. The success and growth of this new products division led to a decision, in 1998, to divide the firm into two sister companies. Systran Corporation retained the electronic products business activities, while Systran Federal Corp. took over the government contracting activities.

Today, Systran Federal Corp. concentrates solely on government contracting and subcontracting. About 50% of this contract activity is focused on technology transfer work.

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