Superconductive Components, Inc.

Corporate Address:

1145 Cheasapeake Ave.
Columbus, OH 43212
Point of Contact: J.R. Gaines
Vice President
(614) 486-0261
fax: (614) 486-0912

Products and Services:

Superconductive Components, Inc. Manufactures ceramic High Temperature Superconductors in the form of Powders, Sputtering Targets and Melt processed LevitatorsTM in addition to educational kits, which demonstrate the phenomena of High Temperature Superconductivity. They also make a full range of dielectric and ferroelectric materials. Their division, Target Materials, Inc. Specializes in Sputtering Targets for electronic and optical thin films including FPD, Photovoltaics, Resistor, Harness coatings and other thin film material applications. The company specializes in custom ceramic and metal alloy fabrication including advanced powder synthesis, densification, machining and bonding.

Business Overview or History:

Superconductive Components, Inc. was formed in 1987 by Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Funk to exploit the newly discovered High Temperature Superconductors. The company has expanded steadily since 1987, with 1997 sales of $2.7 million and a staff of 25. Superconductive Components, Inc. is publicly traded under the ticker code S.C.C.I.

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