Spectra Precision Inc.

Corporate Address:

5475 Kellenburger Rd.
Dayton, OH 45424
Point of Contact: (937) 233-8921
(800) 538-7800
fax: (937) 233-9441
homepage: www.splp.com

Products and Services:

General Construction, Machine Control, Laser Tools, Accessories.

Business Overview or History:

Spectra Precision Construction Instruments provides the building industry with solutions-for fast and accurate grade control and alignment. These products are perfect for setting and adjusting, elevations, excavating depths, installing acoustical ceilings, interior layout and gravity flow pipe.

In addition, the Spectra Precision Machine Control business area, increases the productivity and precision of motorgraders and other heavy equipment with display or automatic control systems. Using our systems, the driver can work faster without losing precision. These products are used in all types of road work and other types of construction. We also have systems for terracing, dam construction and agriculture.

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