Protobox LLC

Corporate Address:

1464 North Broad St.
Fairborn, OH 45324-5551
Point of Contact: Ronald B. Ewart
Project Engineer (Owner)
(937) 879-2588
fax: (937) 979-2588

Products and Services:

Electronic Prototype Design, Construction, and Test - - Protobox starts with functional requirements, then designs and constructs an electronic circuit to meet that specific need. Design experience includes analog and digital circuits, FPGAs, microcontrollers, circuit boards, specialized units and systems. Circuit Board Layout & Development - - Protobox takes an electronic design (either a Protobox design or customer provided design), lays out the board, and develops the printed circuit card. Protobox delivers printed circuit boards, populated cards, or a tested electronic unit in a finished enclosure. Quick Prototype - - Protobox also develops small circuits to fix a problem or satisfy a short-term requirement. Protobox can design the circuit, wire-wrap it, put it in an enclosure, and provide it quickly. Specialized Video Systems - - Protobox produces video processing equipment and specialized video systems to satisfy unique video requirements. Protobox can solve video distribution, processing, display blending, or distortion correction problems. Flight Simulation Technical Support - - The Protobox team has many years of engineering and technical support experience in research and training flight simulation development. Protobox provides engineering and/or technical support; Protobox also develops electronic hardware, interfaces, or systems to satisfy simulation requirements. Protobox has expertise in the area of visual systems, image generators, and visual displays including infinity optics, and projectors. Protobox can integrate a visual system with a simulator to maximize its performance and to minimize transport delays and latencies.

Business Overview or History:

Protobox LLC is a newly established small Ohio business that develops custom electronic circuits, prototype units, and systems. Protobox also provides engineering and technical support in the area of flight simulators, visual displays, and specialized video systems.

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