Production Control Units, Inc.

Corporate Address:

2280 West Dorothy Lane
Dayton, OH 45439-1892
Point of Contact: Gary Marshall - Sales/Marketing, Process Equipment
Larry Hill - Sales/Marketing, Process Couplers
Alan Walker - Technical Service
(937) 299-5594
fax: (937) 299-3843

Products and Services:

Design and manufacture of automated refrigerant and fluid filling and processing equipment, product leak testing equipment, fluid and product dehydration equipment, and quick connect process couplers for on-line production applications in the automotive, heavy truck, off-road equipment, and refrigerated appliance and component manufacturing industries.

Specific Products and Services:

Refrigerated Appliance Industry

Refrigerant Filling Equipment
Product Dehydration Equipment
Refrigerant Supply Equipment
efrigerant Recycling Equipment
Oil Reclaim Equipment
Compressor Oil Dehydration Equipment
Refrigerant/Helium & Dry Air Mix
Systems For Leak Testing
Heat Exchanger Tube Soldering Equipment
Compressor Performance Test Stands
Quick Connect Process Couplers

Full Range of Services - Engineering, Design, Manufacture, Installation Supervision,
Qualification Testing, Documentation, Training, & Maintenance

Automotive, Truck, & Off-Road Vehicle Industries

A/C Refrigerant Filling Equipment
A/C System Evacuation Equipment
Refrigerant Supply Equipment
Refrigerant Recycling Equipment
Compressor Oil Dehydration Equipment
Brake Fluid Dehydration Equipment
Brake Functional Test Equipment
Leak Testing Equipment
Radiator Evacuation & Filling Equipment
Windshield Washer Filling Equipment
Transmission Filling Equipment
Brake & Clutch Evacuation & Filling  Equip.
Engine Oil Filling Equipment
Fuel Filling Equipment
Axle & Differential Oil Filling Equipment
Quick Connect Process Couplers

Business Overview or History:

Production Control Units (PCU) was founded in the Dayton, Ohio area in 1946 to serve the needs of rapidly growing manufacturers of air conditioning and refrigerated appliances. The company’s market emphasis was expanded to include automotive air conditioning during its introduction and rapid growth during the 1950s. The company’s product lines and fields of expertise have been continuously expanded to include filling and processing equipment related to all automotive fluids as well as verification of fluid system leak-free integrity.

PCU is recognized as a leading supplier in its field and produces equipment for manufacturers located throughout the industrialized world. The company has its headquarters located in Moraine, Ohio and is among the group of top 100 privately held companies in the Dayton area.

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