Johnson Kinetics Inc.

Corporate Address:

464 Grove St.
Groveport, OH 43125-1120
Point of Contact: David C. Johnson, President and
Chief Scientist
(614) 836-5051 or
fax: (614) 836-5152

Products and Services:

Johnson Kinetics Inc. (JKI) has four main product lines:

PhysioKinetics (PK) systems provide an entire platform of custom built, high performance position measurement and motion tracking for human and mechanical applications. Johnson Kinetics Inc. has developed an innovative PK sensor technology and has incorporated it into virtual reality body suits, gloves, and strap-on systems. PK hardware devices can be used in applications such as virtual reality and tele-presence, as well as ergonomic and physiology research. The sensors are small and robust. They are made to resist environmental and electromagnetic noise, and are immune to the effects of nearby metal objects, structures, and ground planes.

The DEXTESTER is a quantitative manual dexterity and hand fitness measurement system. It provides clinical data describing the fitness of hand function based on physically measurable quantities including, joint motions, EMG patterns, tendon/carpel sounds, force inputs, response times, pulse and temperature changes during activity, coordination, and digital vibrometry (a new CTS screening tool). Applications in task/capacity identification, CTS screening, rehabilitation, ergonomic evaluations, workplace health, readiness, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

The STATIONTESTER is a multi-sensory, quantitative measurement device for either clinical or on-site (portable) analysis of workstations and man-machine interfaces. There is a great need for hard data on work processes and environments, and their effect on the human condition. Most typical ergonomics consultation consists of a professional, a small tool kit, and a video camera. However with the STATIONTESTER, you will have hard data on handle loading, EMG fatigue, environmental factors, force distribution, joint motion, daily profiles, etc. This product is a great step forward in safety and ergonomics evaluations.

The FESTEPS universal extension towers and scoring lights are designed by fencers for fencers. Special sensors detect the instant club or competition scoring machine's lights go on. FESTEPS towers mount to any scoring machine. The towers are 43 inches high with a footprint of only 4" by 6". They are capable of scoring 15 point bouts and have a 260 degree viewing angle. They are made of heavy-duty components and come in a sturdy case. FESTEPS Fencing Products include the PEPIN’S MASTER and Universal Scoring Towers. The PEPIN’S MASTER is a 3-Weapon target and practice simulator. A portable wall or chair mountable device provides random targets and rates your ability to hit them, great for novices or experts.

The ERGLOVE is a manual tool machine interface testing device. It measures all the aspects of hand-oriented man-machine interaction, the ERGLOVE incorporates joint motion sensors, EMGS, force pads, and other sensors to offer an analysis never before possible. Total hand measurement in one package. Great for ergonomics studies, training, risk assessment, and workstation design.

Johnson Kinetics laboratories also provide various services in the development of external devices or systems. They go from your good ideas or earlier prototypes to fully functional test models for device development and feasibility.

Areas of expertise include:  BioSignals (EMG, EEG, EOG, EKG, etc.)

Business Overview or History:

Johnson Kinetics Inc. was established in Ohio in 1994 and produces the above mentioned product lines. The Kinetic Systems laboratory provides contract biomedical device development, prototyping and consulting as well as serves as the manufacturing and all R&D for JKI. JKI has two full time employees and six consultants.

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