Hyde Park Electronics, Inc.

Corporate Address:

1875 Founders Drive
Dayton, OH 45420-4017
Point of Contact: Vincent C. Lewis
Sales and Marketing Manager
(937) 252-2121
fax: (937) 258-5830
email: hydepark@hpsensors.com
homepage: http://www.hpsensors.com

Products and Services:

The SUPERPROX line of self-contained, proximity sensors include standard models with sensing ranges up to 79" and the new miniature, 18 mm proximity sensors with 1/16: to 5" fixed-window detection. A wide selection of AC- and DC-powered, "smart" sensor models offer significant versatility for applications from one end of the line to the other and throughout the plant.

The standard MICROSONIC line of thru-beam sensors have sensing ranges up to 72" and the new miniature, 18 mm models are available with sensing ranges up to 40". A new special sensing system, utilizing MICROSONIC sensors in multiple pairs is used to detect broken plies of paper. Used in "break-beam"- type applications, MICROSONIC sensors are recognized today as the toughest, fastest, most reliable ultrasonic sensors on the market.

Business Overview or History:

Incorporated in 1963 and born out of early success in designing a new control for the Borden Food company, Hyde Park greatly improved the leak testing capability for the can making industry. It was this beginning in Dayton, Ohio and the perfection of ultrasonic sensing technology in the 1970s and 1980s that have today brought recognition to Hyde Park Electronics as the world leader in ultrasonic sensing technology. The company’s microprocessor-based ultrasonic sensors play a significant role in improving the overall productivity of industries around he world which produce a wide variety of industrial and consumer products. Hyde Park’s customers are among the biggest names in food and beverage and include industries ranging from automobiles to textiles, film to pharmaceuticals, soap powders to facial tissue…wherever there are requirements for efficient, high-speed machine or line control.

Sensing objects of all kinds accurately and reliably, in hostile environments day after day, at very high speeds is the reputation earned by Hyde Park sensors during the past decade. These ultrasonic sensors use high frequency sound energy to detect the presence or absence of objects of every description. Hyde park ultrasonic sensors are reliable and effective in detecting objects as small as 0.003 inch diameter, transparent or opaque, plastic or glass, metal or non-metal, uniquely shaped, different sizes or colors. Often operating at high speeds in hostile environments, the sensors relay messages electronically to the machine controls, which ensure that proper processes occur. These include such automated functions as pumping, filling, capping, labeling or warning to mention a few.

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