Harris Instrument Corporation

Corporate Address:

155 Johnson Dr.
Delaware, OH 43015
Point of Contact: Les Hinzman
(740) 369-3580
fax: (740) 369-2653
email: lesh@harris-instrument.com
homepage: www.harris-instrument.com

Products and Services:

Scan-A-Line systems for non-contact measurement, position sensing, and hole detection in the metals, plastics, non-wovens, and rubber tire industries.

Business Overview or History:

Mr. David Harris and Mr. Gary Saum founded the Harris Instrument Corporation in 1979 to produce a line of precision resistance testers for use in the electric motor manufacturing and coil winding industries. To supplement company revenues for the next few years, Mr. Harris provided custom electronic engineering services for companies throughout the Midwest.

Introduced in 1983 as SCAN-A-LINE™, it was almost immediately caught in one of the most devastating recessions to strike the U.S. auto industry since 1933. Because the auto industry is the major consumer of tires and one of the world’s largest customers for steel, the impact on the sale of SCAN-A-LINE™ was both immediate and harsh. However, because of a commitment to hard work and prudent management, the company survived what was to be a death blow for many small companies selling to the automobile industry. Harris Instrument Corporation has, in fact, emerged as a debt free profitable company, a testament to the dedicated efforts of Mr. Harris and Mr. Saum.

In response to continuing growth of the company, Harris Instrument incorporated in 1985. SCAN-A-LINE™ today accounts for approximately eighty percent of Harris Instrument Corporation's annual sales revenues. Harris Instrument Corporation has shown a steady and continuous rate of growth over the last fifteen years. This pattern of continuing growth indicates the presence of an ever expanding market for Harris Instrument Corporation products.

As of 1 June 1996, Harris Instrument Corporation has relocated their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities to Delaware, Ohio. We built a new building that has approximately doubled our office and manufacturing areas. This increase is just one reflection of the growth potential and the market savvy of this corporation.

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