Global Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

Corporate Address:

9562 N Dixie Hwy
Franklin, OH 45005-1106
Point of Contact: Dr. Charles M. Woods
President(937) 865-4477
fax: (937) 865-4749

Products and Services:

Consulting - materials, process improvement, team facilitation.

New products in development include an airbag inflator for automotive and aerospace applications, a smart dipstick for fluid driven systems, and safety accessory lights for motorcycle tires.

Business Overview or History:

Global Manufacturing Solutions is a company located in the Mound Advanced Technology Center. The principle entrepreneurs provide a range of capabilities including Material Science Applications, Total Quality Management, and Process Improvement. Global has worked with over 12 Mound businesses on projects for commercial and government agencies involving manufacturing and a scientific approach to engineering problem solving. These projects include development of a new surface plating for aerospace applications, automotive component trouble shooting, and support for Mound environmental cleanup operations. Global has developed courses in Storyboarding for business process mapping and facilitation of process improvement for Total Quality Management.

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