Firefox Industries

Corporate Address:

1026 Corporate Drive
Export, PA 15632
Point of Contact: James Zwergel
(724) 733-3822 or 1-800-930-3366
fax: (724) 733-3823

Products and Services:

Vehicular fire suppression system.

Business Overview or History:

In response to the need for improved fire safety within the Motor Sports Industry, Firefox Industries recently introduced it’s FX-100 & FX-300 series of manual "on-board" fire suppression systems. These new systems were developed expressly for the rapid and complete extinguishment of high performance vehicle fires. In large part, the requirement for a safe and effective alternative system resulted from the general phase out of Halon 1301 production in the United States early in 1994. Until then, the Halon 1301 total flooding system was the most efficient and popular fire suppression system in use for normally occupied areas. Although still installed on many racing vehicles, Halon’s general unavailability, skyrocketing cost, and environmental and driver safety concerns created a need for a "drop in" Halon replacement system. The challenge to Firefox was to develop a system, which is environmentally safe, non-hazardous for the driver, and which substantially maintains the high performance efficiency associated with Halon 1301. Under rigorous testing, the FX-100 & FX-300 systems have successfully met this demanding criteria. In addition, the Firefox systems offer several unique design characteristics, which provide even further system reliability and effectiveness.

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