Faraday Technology, Inc.

Corporate Address:

315 Huls Drive
Clayton, OH 45315
Point of Contact: Phillip Miller
Business Development Manager
(937) 836-7749
fax: (937) 836-9498
email: faratech@erinet.com

Products and Services:

The application of innovative electrochemical principles to the electroplating/metallization, casting/machining, environmental systems, and corrosion market. For example:

Business Overview or History:

Faraday Technology, Inc. was founded in 1991 to pursue the vision that innovative electrochemical technologies could be developed by using modulated and modulated reverse electric fields to balance the complex interactions between mass transport and kinetic phenomena at the electrochemical interface. Faraday has implemented a unique business strategy which utilizes a "Technology Rich Platform" to develop multiple products and processes for multiple markets. Faraday’s Technology Rich Platform strategy is implemented through their Project Execution Quality Systems that demonstrated feasibility, establishes intellectual property, utilized technical marketing, designs and fabricates pre-commercial prototypes and initiates Beta site testing and evaluation.

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