Dayton Reliable Tool & Mfg. Co.

Corporate Address:

618 Greenmount Blvd.
Dayton, OH 45419
Point of Contact: Gary L. Van Gundy
President & CEO
(937) 298-7391
fax: (937) 297-6744


Products and Services:

The expertise of Dayton Reliable Tool & Mfg. Co. (DRT) lies in progressive dies and precision machining. One of DRT’s key developments was a product line of easy-open end manufacturing systems for beer/beverage and food ends of all varieties. Speeds, output rates and product configuration are customer driven although DRT does offer "standard" products for customers without experience to dictate a product configuration. A complete line of replacement parts for all systems is also available through DRT.

In response to the ever-changing requirements of systems and products, DRT has developed into a powerhouse of knowledge and experience in all aspects of high speed manufacturing processes.

All tooling and system designs (as well as programmable logic controls for these systems) are created in DRT’s design/engineering departments. All tooling components are manufactured in DRT’s 120,000 square foot facilities, located in three plants in Dayton and a manufacturing facility in Germany.

Customer product development and analysis is conducted in DRT’s R&D facility, which has its own design and manufacturing resources. The R&D facility also has tryout presses with capacities ranging from single stroke to high speed for proving product designs in production conditions before final customer orders are made and production begins in the customer plant.

Complete system customer support is offered by telephone, fax or by a member of DRT’s service team in the customer plant. Sales and support are also available through locations in the Far East and Europe.

DRT owns a subsidiary, Hovis Precision Products, Inc., which is located in South Carolina. Hovis’ expertise is in compound dies and contract machining.

Business Overview or History:

Dayton Reliable Tool & Mfg. Co. (DRT) was founded in 1949 by Ermal (Ernie) Fraze as an independent designer and manufacturer of tool and die components and other manufactured products.

Early projects included manufacturing and assembling oxygen fuel valves for NASA, components eventually used in the Atlas rocket John Glenn piloted to orbit the earth. Projects of various types were undertaken for the Atomic Energy Commission, General Motors, General Electric, Ford, Chrysler and others during the early years of DRT’s growth.

As legend has it, sometime in the late 1950’s Ernie was forced to open a beverage can on a car bumper at a family picnic because no one had brought along a can opener. Being intimately familiar with working metal, Ernie knew there had to be a better way and by the early 1960’s, he had refined a technology for attaching a tab to the top of the can end, using nothing but the parent material of the end itself. Initial shipments of cans of beer for the Iron City brewer with these "easy open" ends were enthusiastically received by the general public and growth has been continuous from the point forward.

Consumer demand has been continually increasing for products such as beer, beverages and foods of all kinds in these convenient containers. At the same time, technological advances in the presses used in these tooling systems has allowed ever higher system speeds. Adding to the mix, customer demands for thinner, lighter yet harder recycled parent material for increased efficiencies and environmental requirements for non-toxic coatings have provided continual challenges to this day.

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