Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Corporate Address:

333 Burnet Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039
Point of Contact: Joseph D. Fondacaro, Ph.D.
Director of Technology Transfer
(513) 636-7695
fax: (513) 636-8453

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Business Overview or History:

Several Episcopal women founded Children’s Hospital in 1883 in the City of Cincinnati. Later the hospital moved from Walnut Hills to Mt. Auburn. In 1926, William Cooper Procter, Jr. moved it from Mt. Auburn to its present site at the Medical School complex. The Children’s Hospital Research Foundation was created in 1931 and, as a total commitment to child healthcare, was joined with the Children’s Hospital to form the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 1973. The Research Foundation currently has a budget of $90 million and 260,000 gross square feet devoted to biomedical research and vivarium. Some 100 Ph.D. and M.D. researchers, some of whom are full-time and some of whom, in addition, provide patient care, use the Medical Center’s research facilities. Grants awarded, including industry contracts, to the Medical Center during the fiscal year 1996, totaled more the $26,000,000, of which $17.1 million was from the National Institutes of Health and more the $2 million from other federal sources. The Research Foundation recently established the Office of Technology Transfer, which manages the intellectual property of the Foundation and its interactions with industry. The vision of Children’s Hospital Medical Center is to become "the leader in improving child health".

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