BeamAlloy Corporation

Corporate Address:

6360 Dublin Industrial Lane
Dublin, OH 43016-3241
Point of Contact: Dr. Arnold H. Deutchman
(614) 766-3300
fax: (614) 766-3306

Products and Services:

BeamAlloy Corporation provides coating services for customers who need performance (wear- and corrosion-resistant) coatings on precision engineered components. Metallic, refractory nitride, and oxide coatings are applied with patented and proprietary ion assisted coating technology. Engineered components made from, ceramic, plastic, and glass can be coated. The processes are also used to improve material joining and for fabrication of thin film sensors.

Business Overview or History:

BeamAlloy Corporation is a ten year old company that develops and provides proprietary surface treatment technology designed to enhance the operating performance of precision engineered components used in a variety of automotive, aircraft, aerospace, medical, defense, and industrial products. Recently a market-driven need for an improved non-chemical technique to replace conventional plating and anodizing was identified. BeamAlloy responded by developing an advanced process based on patented, company-owned coating technology. Coating systems have been constructed and are currently being used in process test samples and components for a variety of customers. Current revenues are derived from processing fees and contract research programs.

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