Aster, Inc.

Corporate Address:

160 Glaser Street
Fairborn, OH 45324
Point of Contact: Michael J. Gerace
(937) 754-1400
fax: (937) 754-1415

Products and Services:

Manufacture coatings, sealant and adhesives containing recycled content.

Business Overview or History:

Aster was founded in 1986 to provide technical resources to companies in the adhesives and sealant area. The R&D department has performed work for the government and private industry. Currently Aster is commercializing its patented closed loop paint waste recycling process by completing a Phase II SBIR contract with the EPA and licensing the technology to Environmental Purification Industries of Toledo, Ohio. Aster is operating a manufacturing plant in Fairborn, Ohio.

Current Products and Services:

Manufacture paints containing recycled content, adhesives, sealant, and related products to customer specifications.

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