Applied Coatings, Inc.

Corporate Address:

775 Kaderly Dr.
Columbus, OH 43228
Point of Contact: Kurt Hohman
VP Vacuum Processes
(614) 276-4100
fax: (614) 276-4716

Products and Services:

Coating service including Physical Vapor Deposition and Thermal Spray. Sputtering and evaporation vacuum coatings and plasma, flame and wire arc thermal spray. Specializing in high temperature coatings for oxidation and or corrosion resistance. Ceramics, metallics including alloys, and cermets in both divisions. Pin-hole free Tantalum, Molybdenum, ceramics, etc. coatings for corrosion and thermal barrier coatings. Standard coatings such as wear resistant, electrically conductive/resistive, etc. coatings also done daily.

Business Overview or History:

Applied Coatings, Inc. (ACI) has provided a wide range of coating services since 1982. Dr. Harry Beale started ACI with the knowledge and experience gained from his experience while employed with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Battelle Columbus, where he lead the cotatings laboratories. Dr. Beale structured ACI around his vast experience in high temperature coatings.

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