AdTech Systems Research, Inc.

Corporate Address:

1342 N. Fairfield Rd.
Beavercreek, OH 45432-2698

Point of Contact: Gail E. Eichelman
(937) 426-3329
fax: (937) 426-8087

Products and Services:

AdTech’s business plan is divided into the following segments: 1) Scientific Research and Development; 2) Computer Hardware/Software Development, Management Information Systems Development, and Related Computer Services; 3) Engineering, Technical and Environmental Services; 4) High Tech Mechanical Testing; 5) High Tech Chemical Synthesis; 6) Scientific Software Products; 7) Technology Transfer.

Business Overview or History:

Established in 1984, AdTech is a high tech oriented business with unique expertise to undertake scientific and technical projects and bring them to fruition. AdTech’s mission is to provide quality technical services in basic and applied research (including modeling and testing of high-temperature materials), computer hardware/software development, engineering, management information systems, and technology transfer to its customers.

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