WPAFB Display Room at Sinclair Community College (SCC)

Senator Charles Horn and Dr. David Ponitz, President of Sinclair Community College, developed a proposal for a display room of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) technologies to be located at Sinclair Community College. WTN is happy to announce that this display is now complete and ready for tours and meetings.

The purpose of the display is to showcase WPAFB technologies, contributions to industries and the impact on the community. The display represents WPAFB (WL, AL, AFIT, etc.). The display allows tours to be given so that an overview of what is available at WPAFB can be obtained without actually going to the base. There are current displays that highlight the History of Aviation at WPAFB, Community Impact, and the various WPAFB Laboratories. The Technology displays currently focus on Automotive, Education, General Aviation, Human Factors, Manufacturing, and Medical Technology Applications available at Wright Patterson AFB. Many manufacturing companies will be coming through the Sinclair Community College (SCC) Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Center (AIM) and this display can be a part of their training. The display room is also available to state officials, WPAFB, SCC, and WTN for tours or meetings.

This project is vital to Montgomery County because WPAFB is the largest single site employer. Given declining defense budgets, the long-term viable future of WPAFB can no longer be considered a given. Defense research is likely to decline-with it, employment at WPAFB is also likely to decline. Thus, commercialization of WPAFB technology and spin-off local start-up companies, joint-ventures, and other new businesses are very logical. This project will not only create and retain jobs, it will also enhance the tax base. The WPAFB display demonstration room is a marketing tool for local economic development organizations to encourage commercialization projects with WPAFB. The display enhances the awareness of WPAFB resources and expedites actual technology transfer projects as the private sector progresses into actual projects with the Base. The display will encourage spin-off of local start-up companies, joint-ventures, and other new businesses.

For more information or to set up a tour of the WPAFB Display room please contact Anita Melton at Wright Technology Network at 937-253-0217.

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